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March 26, 2023: A new one game wonder has been discovered by correspondent Nik Coulter. The Hull Festivals played a single game at Earl Armstrong Arena in Gloucester, Ontario in November of 1974 owing to a municipal strike in Hull. I haven't been, but with Nik's photos I've put up a rudimentary page for the building, and I will make a point of visiting next time I'm in the area.

January 29, 2023: For the first time, I can say that I've done all 18 current rinks in the QMJHL. Eighteen years and five days after my first Q game in Drummondville, I finished the league at Gatineau's new arena this weekend. I also checked out Baribeau Arena and the Complexe Branchaud-Brière while I was in town.

March 12, 2022: I finally completed the QMJHL! This past weekend I went to games in Shawinigan, Sherbrooke and Québec, which means I've finally seen every QMJHL team play at home. Technically I'm still missing the new arena in Gatineau, so I'm still a ways from having the current all sixty, but having seen every team is a major milestone that I'm thrilled to have finally hit.

November 8, 2021: Steve McLean was in Rouyn this past weekend and took photographs for me of the Jacques Laperriere Arena.

October 2, 2021: I've added a new page for the Centre Slush Puppie in Gatineau, which opens officially tonight as the Q season kicks off. There's not much there, but I'm hoping to add photos and a little information once the rink is open. If you're looking for the old Guertin page, it's moved here.

April 11, 2021: Two new former arenas have been added to the site, one of which is pandemic-related and one isn't. The Palais Municipale de la Baie is a new discovery by Twitter user @Dante_X and is not listed in the Q's official record book. The Saguenèens played a single game there in February 1989 because Centre Georges-Vezina was booked for the Canadian Figure Skating Championships. Meanwhile, the Complexe Branchaud-Brière in Gatineau hosted a dozen random games this past February and March as a neutral hub arena during the pandemic. The Q's season is winding down, the O's has never even gotten started yet, and we're all in lockdown again here in Ontario, so the odds of having an OHL season this year seems... rather slim. Hope everyone out there is keeping well.

December 2, 2020: It may have taken a couple of months, but I put a skeleton page up for Gatineau's temporary pandemic home, the Arena Baribeau.

December 21, 2019: All pages on the Q site are now converted to the new template and all outdated information is deleted. This concludes the project I started back in October to convert both my websites to mobile-friendly. There's minor updated information on virtually every page on the website, but the only one that's substantially different is Arena Paul Sauvé, which has been updated with exterior and interior shots from when the building was still standing courtesy of the Archives of the City of Montreal.

December 3, 2019: All current team profiles are converted to the new mobile-friendly template.

October 20, 2019: Those of you following developments on the OHL site have probably noticed that I've started slowly converting the site. Two big changes are afoot: one, the site is no longer going to be a travel guide, because realistically, I'm never going back to Baie-Comeau or Bathurst. It's now more of a travelogue of my journey through the CHL. And two, while the site's old-school aesthetic hasn't changed, I'm converting all the content to a mobile-friendly version. So far, the Index, the Q history pages, and the Maritimes division is done, and I'll be continuing with all the Quebec-based teams shortly.

October 12, 2018: I went to the fourth ever game at the Avenir Centre last weekend, and the page is now updated and online.

September 30, 2018: Last but not least, today's update is the Colisée Financière Sun Life, home of the Rimouski Oceanic. Check back next week for an update about the Avenir Centre in Moncton!

September 29, 2018: Today's updates include PEPS, the Pavillon de la Jeunesse, and the Videotron Centre in Quebec City, and the Grand-Mère Arena and Jacques-Plante Arena in Shawinigan. This concludes all the updates from my recent Q trip... with the exception of a full profile and writeup of the Colisée de Rimouski. Watch for that tomorrow!

September 28, 2018: I've got profiles up for the Baie-Comeau Drakkar and the Shawinigan Cataractes, as well as a revised page for the Palais des sports de Saguenay.

September 27, 2018: The profile of Centre Georges-Vézina is now up.

September 26, 2018: I'm back from a weekend trip to games in Chicoutimi, Baie-Comeau and Rimouski! In addition, I hit up a ton of former rinks in a variety of places; there's pretty much nowhere left apart from the Jacques Laperriere Arena in Rouyn now that I haven't been to. We're starting today with profiles of the Charlesbourg Arpidrome and the Stade de la Cité des Jeunes, but stay tuned over the coming days for the second-largest update in Q site history.

February 23, 2018: So apparently there were two former Q buildings that I wasn't aware of! The Charlesbourg Arpidrome was used by the Quebec Remparts for one game in February 1982 thanks to a power failure at the Colisée. More recently, the Chicoutimi Saguenéens have taken up temporary residence at the Palais des Sports de Saguenay in Jonquière thanks to emergency roof repairs at CGV, but they also played a single game there in 1997 of which I was not previously aware. Two new pages are up!

December 2, 2017: I recently checked out the former rinks in Lewiston and Portland, Maine.

October 28, 2017: Over the past couple of days I've updated the guide from my recent trip to the Maritimes - we've got new profiles for the Sea Dogs, Wildcats, and Eagles, along with updated former venue profiles for the Halifax Forum and the J.-Louis Levesque Arena.

January 25, 2017: My profile of the Blainville-Boisbriand Armada is now up. Here's to not taking another nine years to get back to another Q game! I've also updated a new interior shot of the Bell Centre.

January 24, 2017: Back from my weekend trip to Quebec, and I saw a few new former arenas and a game at a current one. Updated today are the profiles for the Crete Memorial Civic Center, the Ronald B. Stafford Ice Arena, and the Iberville Palladium. I'm currently working on the profile for the Blainville-Boisbriand Armada and it should be up later this week.

January 16, 2017: I'm likely going to see the Habs and the Blainville-Boisbriand Armada this weekend, and that made me want to check out the Q site again. I mean, it's been eight and a half years since I've been to a Q game... apparently the Remparts are in a new building and the Wildcats played an emergency playoff game in Fredericton in 2015. So check them out, and check back next week for an update from Boisbriand, weather permitting!

I also wanted to mention that both the OHL and QMJHL have now jumped on the latest trend and played outdoor games - the O at Comerica Park in Detroit and the Q at a rodeo facility called the Grandes Estrades in St-Tite, near Shawinigan. I mention them here for completeness sake, but I am not planning to profile them, as, quite simply, they aren't hockey arenas.

April 2, 2014: Finally went to the Arena Salaberry and have added a page for it.

September 30, 2012: The Sherbrooke Phoenix are officially underway as a thing, and I've reacted accordingly.

February 9, 2012: Nik Coulter has sent in a photo and a writeup from Boisbriand, and a few other photos were sent in by Jean Mercier. Finally it looks like a real page!

November 27, 2011: Thanks to the amazing correspondents who keep this website running in spite of my not having set foot in Quebec since 2008, I've got two new former arena pages to debut. The Stade de la Cité des Jeunes in distant Rivière-du-Loup was used on a temporary basis by the Drummondville Voltigeurs thanks to the giant ice storm in 1998 knocking out power in Drummondville for over three weeks. More recently, lengthy renovations at the Arena Dave-Keon meant that the Rouyn-Noranda Huskies were forced to play the first nine games of their schedule in Rouyn at the Arena Jacques-Laperrière. The other big news, of course, is that the new team coming next season in Sherbrooke has been named - the Sherbrooke Phoenix. I hope to make a road trip this fall to see the new team play, as well as a few others.

September 4, 2011: There's a big announcement over on the main site, but for the new season in Quebec, I've made a dozen or so small tweaks and corrections, plus added a page for the Blainville-Boisbriand Armada, who are the Montreal Juniors reincarnated. It has been quite the off-season.

In addition, Richard T sent in memories of the Paul Sauve Arena quite some time ago, and embarrassingly, I didn't ever post it and then thought I had. So je m'excuse, Richard, it's now up. Thank you for contributing.

June 5, 2011: The big recent news out of the Q is that the Lewiston Maineiacs are sadly no more - the team has officially folded. Meanwhile, in a totally unrelated note, the Q will be granting an expansion team to Sherbrooke in 2012-13, once renovations to the Sherbrooke Palais des Sports are complete. It's sad (albeit unsurprising) to see the Maineiacs go, but this also means that a potential Q road trip to Sherbrooke, the new building in Shawinigan, and Chicoutimi or Rimouski might be in the cards for fall 2012.

February 14, 2010: Two more French pages courtesy Mathieu Simard: Lewiston and Victoriaville.

February 7, 2010: Will Maclaren has sent in an outstanding writeup from the Moncton Coliseum.

January 19, 2010: A big update for the new year! First of all, Rejean Leblanc has sent in an entire darn page for one of my three remaining missing arenas, the J.-Louis Levesque Arena in Moncton. Second, Mathieu Simard has continued his translation project, and translations of the Shawinigan and Drummondville pages are now up. Merci, les gars!

January 3, 2010: Happy New Year! Chris Jou has sent in a detailed update on the game experience in Montreal.

December 13, 2009: Marc Perreault has sent in a picture of the exterior of Centre Bionest in Shawinigan.

November 5, 2009: Oh yeah... the Quebec site.

I'm not planning any trips to Quebec or the East Coast this year and so the update schedule, already moving at a glacial pace, will probably continue to be every few months or so. But hey, I've got some good updates to share, courtesy two of my top contributors. Joe Tasca has sent in new interior pictures of the Moncton Coliseum and Harbour Station, and they're both way better than what was there before. And secondly, the amazing, incomparable Mathieu Simard has finished translating the East division, with French pages now online for Quebec and Chicoutimi. Merci, Mathieu and Joe, and hopefully I'll not be another four months between updates.

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